Graphic Design


Below are just a small sample of the types of posters I’ve been designing since I first started in 2004. Although my skills have improved over time, my approach has remained the same – Think about the target audience first.

I then try to make the design as eye-catching as possible so when it’s on a board amongst many other posters it will stand out and catch people’s attention. So far this has proved to be very successful. The majority of  the posters seen below have been printed and put up at various sites in the local area or used digitally on social media.

House of Horror poster
Heyford Singers poster
Friday Club poster
Impact Youth Club poster
Champions Challenge Holiday Club

Movie Poster Recreations

This set of movie poster recreations were originally done for a fun quiz night I was organising. I had great fun in trying to authentically recreate the poses and looks of the actors in the originals. The Back to the Future poster is an easy one to guess so have given you the answer, but can you work out the films the other posters belong to?

Back to the Future poster
Footloose poster
Home Alone poster
Rebel Without A Cause poster


Each of these logos have been designed to be recognisable and easy to use on a variety of media.

The first row contains logos designed for Northampton Methodist Youth Forum. The blocks logo was used on several posters to advertise events. The ‘Shout’ logo was an idea for a proposed relaunch which went unused when the group folded.

NMYF logo
Shout! Logo
Park Avenue logo
Simon Selects logo