Below you will find some examples of my photography work over the years. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.


Creatures & Nature


The Body

This set of images were created as part of a University assignment. The brief was to take a selection of photos based on a choice of themes and use editing skills with them.

I chose the theme – The Body and wanted to create a set of photos that had a science fiction and fantasy twist to what we take for granted.
The result is the images you see supported by appropriate quotes from various works of fiction.

Most of the images are easy to identify – but the seventh picture with the quote from War of the Worlds is actually an extreme close up of hairs on one of my legs – weird huh?!


This set of photos were taken on Christmas Day 2007. I spotted the lovely sunset, so grabbed my camera and using the tree in the front garden tried to create something that looks a bit weird and scary.

Amazingly there has been no enhancement or touch-ups using Photoshop. What you see is exactly as I took them.