Video Production

Below is a selection of video productions I have been involved with over the years. Alongside these I have also filmed private family weddings, stage shows and other live events using own equipment.


Chris visits the National Memorial Aboretum

A Church for Everyone…

Park Avenue’s 85th Anniversary

Applause for a Cause
Film Northants 2010 Finalist

Flash! The Story of Flash Mob Northampton

Middle England – The Real Northampton

Youth Work

Abington House of Fun Pitch Video

Rise Up! Youth Away Weekend Highlights

Car Wash Fundraiser

The Big Dream Youth Away Weekend Highlights

Stay Awake Night Highlights

Facebook, God & Me Youth Away Weekend Highlights



What I’ve Done

State of Mind


Walt Disney World 2016

Time Warp Flash Mob

Thriller Flash Mob

The Boys Are Back in Town Music Video