Emmanuel Group of Churches

Emmanuel Group of Churches

I was commissioned in Autumn 2010 to completely revamp the website for Emmanuel Group of Churches in Northampton. They had seen what I had done with the website for Park Avenue Methodist Church and were impressed and wanted something along the same lines.

The site also had to contain information, news and content for all three churches within the group and would be regularly updated and eye-catching to attract visitors.

After several delays, the website was finally launched in November 2011. All the pages were first created in HTML and CSS using Dreamweaver and then were incorporated into a bespoke WordPress theme. It was decided to use WordPress as it’s CMS because of the simplicity of it’s layout and the ability to be used by members of the Church with little or no experience in website design without causing too many problems.

On completion of build, it was handed over to the Church team to maintain. The site design remained until 2020 when it was replaced by a brand new site.

Visit: www.emmgroup.org.uk