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Park Avenue Methodist Church website

The website for Park Avenue Methodist Church was launched in December 2005.

As I was already attending the church at the time, I knew how I wanted to approach the website – to give a modern look that was still pleasing to the eye for all ages. The objective was to attract new people to church, as well as providing information for those that already go. It proved its success by the amount of people who started attending purely through visiting the site.

Amongst the features are details of service times, what’s on at the church every month, messages from the team of ministers, details about all the groups within the church, history, videos, and a photo gallery.

Since it’s launch, the site has seen numerous changes including refreshes in the design and layout, as well as lots of photos and videos. This has continued through extending Park Avenue’s outreach into social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages which are linked from the home page of the site.

Whilst I am no longer directly involved, the website still exists and continues to be regularly updated with new information.


"We liked Park Avenue Methodist Church website which greets visitors to the site with the time and a 'Good Morning!' or 'Good Afternoon!'. We knew it was just an automated thing, but it still felt like a personal welcome."
Church Times


PA 15

I was approached to create a website for PA 15 after the success of my own personal website. The website was launched in May 2002, less than two months after my own site was launched.

The website focused on a young people and families group at Park Avenue Methodist Church who meet and do a variety of things around the 15th of each month. It features up to date information about the latest events, as well as photos and reports of previous events organised by the group.

Off the back of this website, I was offered the chance to create the main website for the church above.

The site has had several redesigns with the last being done in 2014 which saw a move from static HTML to WordPress with a custom theme as its basis and simplifying the content.

The website appears to be discontinued now with information about the group merged into the main Park Avenue website.


Youth at Park Avenue

Youth @ Park Avenue

The aim behind this micro-site was to focus on all the youth activities that happen at Park Avenue Methodist Church.

The site was originally launched in 2008, and redesigned in 2014 as part of the continual developments of the main Park Avenue website to focus on attracting and engaging different audiences.

The design had to be bright and eye-catching and also friendly, to make young people who look at it and interested in what is on offer. The column on the right contains what’s on during the week, links to events and a Facebook widget, whilst other links go to various information about what there is for young people on a Sunday morning as well as during the week.

The design of the site also extended into print form as a series of bookmarks produced to advertise the activities. The site is also linked to a Facebook page that is kept up to date regularly and informs its members of events going on that may be of interest for them.

The original site used a combination of HTML/CSS, but the 2014 redesign uses WordPress and a custom theme design to bring the site fresh up to date.


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