Probus Clubs

Probus Club Northampton


I was approached to design and build a website for the Probus Club of Northampton to help the group of retired professionals get into the modern age and help promote the group to potential new members.

Their brief was to build a simple skeleton site that was easy to use, so one their own members could be the webmaster and continue to update the site.

WordPress was chosen as an easy to use CMS system and included a password protected members only page.

The website was launched in November 2013 and existed for a few years before being redesigned by someone else in 2016.

Probus Club - Dursley

Dursley 91 Probus

Off the back of building the Probus Club of Northampton website, I was contacted by the committee of Dursley 91 to refresh their website.

Like Northampton they wanted a simple functional website that provided information to the group and new members wishing to join.

The site was built in a similar way on WordPress but with a different colour scheme.

It was launched in 2015 and on completion handed over to the group to continue to update and maintain. The site still appears to exist alongside another site for the group.