Simon's first website


SiSpace was the first website I built and back then it was done using Microsoft Frontpage. It took over a year to build on and off, and was eventually launched in March 2002.

The website contained information and small sections about my hobbies and interests such as Doctor Who, collecting McDonald’s Toys, cooking and music, a forum and a blog where I wrote about a variety of subjects.

The site was originally hosted on Yahoo Geocities, but in 2004 I paid for my own hosting and domain name – so it was free from pop-ups. The name of the site was a riff on the popular social media platform (at the time) ‘MySpace’ but replacing ‘My’ with ‘Si’.

After the site launched it grew bigger and went through many changes as well as being used as a testing ground to try new skills in web designing.

The site was put on hiatus in 2010 whilst I focused on University and other commitments and was eventually taken down at the beginning of 2015 and eventually the domain was not renewed. Currently there are no plans to reboot the site, but elements have been spun off into other sites.